Saturday 5/15/2021 Game Schedule

KID PITCH (Big Field) 8:30 AM - Yard Goats (H) - Iron Pigs (A) 10:00 AM - Iron Pigs (H) - Bats (A) T-BALL (T-Ball Field) 10:00 AM - Grasshoppers (H) - River Dogs (A) 11:00 AM - River Dogs (H) - Rattlers (A) MACHINE PITCH (Big Field) 11:30 AM - Mudcats (H) - Hot Rods (A) 12:30 PM - Thunder (H) - Marauders (A) 

Saturday 5/8/2021 - Game Schedule

KID PITCH 8:30 AM - Iron Pigs (H) - Bats (A) 10:00 AM - Bats (H) - Yard Goats (A) T-BALL 10:00 AM - Rattlers (H) - River Dogs (A) 11:00 AM - River Dogs (H) - Grasshoppers (A) MACHINE PITCH 11:30 AM - Marauders (H) - Hot Rods (A) 12:30 PM - Mudcats (H) - Thunder (A)

Thursday 5/6/2021 - Fields are open

Fields are open. All Thursday teams are a go for field practice.

Tuesday 5/4/2021 - Fields are closed. Gym is open for practice.

Affects Tuesday night practice teams: Grasshoppers, Mud Cats, Yard Goats

Monday - 5/3/2021 - Fields are closed. Gym is open for practice

Affects Monday night practice teams: Rattlers, Marauders, and Iron Pigs

Noonday Baseball 2021 Team Picture Schedule

General notes: Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your team’s scheduled time. There will be a team picture and options for individual pictures with our vendor, Score Photo. Please be there in uniform.   No cleats are allowed on the gym floor, so please have players in other athletic footwear for pictures

Kid Pitch League Standings - 4/22/2021